“It is not yet known whether Loosemore will stay at Channel 4.”

Chart Illustrating Stranding of the Dulcibella

To answer the above: No, I won’t. I left Channel 4 last Friday.

I’ve been off work for a fair while, suffering from the seemingly interminable after-effects of treatment by reckless manipulation at the hands of an over-enthusiastic chiropractor. Thankfully, I’m very much on the mend now.

4iP was an experience.

The upsides? A truly, truly, fantastic team. The excitement of doing risky new stuff. And the joy of working with so many wonderful small companies. Thank you all.

The downsides? Pretty much as Dan Heaf described, I’m afraid. No-one could ever agree what 4iP was for, a failure for which I must take some responsibility.

But hey, 4iP’s time came and went. There’s still lots of great stuff on the go at C4. For example, check out Alice Taylor & Dr Jo Twist‘s awesome teens slate. And keep an eye out for some nice surprises as the remaining 4iP funded products emerge…

Bold and innovative public institutions are rare, precious & important creatures. They matter.

I wish Channel 4 Television Corporation well.