Crazy Frenchman + Small Open Catamaran + Circumnavigation = Much respect

Sometime tomorrow morning Yvan Bourgnon will sail into Ouistreham Riva-Bella after a 30,000 mile / 220 day circumnavigation in a 6m open catamaran.


That’s “open” as in “has no shelter”. It’s like a big Hobie beach catamaran.


Here’s a video he took as he crossed the Pacific.

Yves, you crazy. I salute you.



Dinghy desire paths

GPS tracks of sailing the river blackwater

GPS tracks after 3 years sailing the River Blackwater.

I bought Wanderer 446 (a 14 foot sailing dinghy) nearly three years ago.

She’s given me much joy as we’ve explored the River Blackwater in Essex.

We do day trips, each destination determined by state of tide, wind and mind. The picture above shows desire paths of moon, mood and meteo.

“You get to this nowhere land where your brain is utterly disconnected, and I think…I think that [is at] the root of all this… obsession. It’s trying to get into that little slot of your brain where things don’t exist and yet they’re working perfectly. It’s a sort of heaven. A nirvana.” – Alexander Waugh

Sailing home to Bradwell...

Sailing home to Bradwell…